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Who we are

Thanks to the vision and the united forces of Olivier and Joery, Hertlease was born in 2021. With more than 20 years of experience each, this ambitious duo has gathered the necessary knowledge and a lot of fresh ideas to conquer the leasing world that has become so familiar to them.

Our Mission

As a one-stop-shop for operational leasing, we make the difference through our unique offering, our personal hands-on approach and an extensive network of carefully selected partners. Striving for a superior experience, for perfect customer satisfaction.

Our motto

"Better. Faster. Always on."

  • Better. A tailor-made approach for every client
  • Faster. Fast approach and efficient follow-up
  • Always on. Always on hand and thinking ahead

The experience of mobility

Hertlease has grown as a result of its past customers, who wanted to create a well-deserved mobility experience for their employees. To this day, this appears to be a major shortcoming of other traditional leasing partners.

By working very closely with our clients, we try to get a good sense of their wishes and to exceed their expectations in terms of experience and service. Quickly switching gears, closely following the most recent evolutions and doing all this in a rational, sensible way. In this way, we can not only complete but also optimise the missing factors in the experience of the automotive process.

How HertLease makes the difference

Complete unburdening for both drivers and our customers, making driving pleasure take precedence over administrative concerns. Day after day, we make the difference for you. In addition, companies can always count on the most recent and expert advice on taxation, TCO and deductibility.

Transparent communication

We communicate in a highly transparent way. This benefits the quality, which in turn leads to additional experiences and customer satisfaction.

Full car policy

We develop - always in consultation with our customers - a complete car policy. We select the 'best in class' models from the range of car makes chosen by you in terms of taxation, without losing sight of driving pleasure. And as an additional service, we work out the most competitive fleet conditions.


Through the partnerships we have established with the right premium resellers, we bring you a service that exceeds your expectations.

Absolute added value

We definitely distinguish ourselves in the added value for the customer. At the start of a cooperation, a (financial) return story is presented, which only reinforces 'the good feeling' to extend and expand the cooperation.

Premium leasing

We are an atypical mobility partner that operates in the niche of the market and acts as a true premium leasing company.

Open calculation

An open calculation gives the customer the confidence he or she is looking for.

Only positive vibes

Striving for perfection is something we value highly. The negative aspects that leasing customers currently experience in fleet management are turned into a win-win situation, full of positive vibes. In doing so, we take away all the worries, both for the customer and the driver. In this way, the pleasure of driving always takes precedence over the administrative and fiscal drudgery.

In order to achieve this, we have selected the right partners for you to create extra added value. Think of specifically selected, official dealerships for both delivery and service. But also insurance companies that really help you, fast and efficient breakdown assistance and tire centers with an eye for quality.